J2534 Reflash Package with EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+

EASE J2534 Pass-Thru Universal Vehicle Reprogrammer II+ Package with Reprogramming Assistant Software

PC Connection Options:  USB

Requires:  Vehicle OEM data subscription(s)

Expand your shops diagnostic capabilities and boost your profits with J2534 reprogramming.  This package can reprogram virtually all J2534 compliant (1996+) vehicles.

J2534 Reflash Package

USB PC Connection

Price: $1645.00

Product Description

Have you ever stopped working on a vehicle because you don't have the equipment needed to reflash a controller?

Don't turn business away!  Flash reprogramming is an important part of repairs on most 1996+ vehicles. There are over 100 Million reprogrammable vehicle controllers on the road today.  You need a system that can service them.  The affordable EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+ package makes reflashing easier and guides you step by step through the process.  Join this profitable and quickly growing market today!

OBD Scan Tool Grid OBD2 Meter OBD Graph

Do you know that many times reprogramming is the only way to repair a vehicle?  

 Automobile manufacturers are constantly making changes to their controller software to make cars more efficient and to fix problems that have been discovered.  Many Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) require reprogramming to the latest OEM calibration files to repair vehicle problems such as shifting, hesitation, rough idle, emissions quality, performance and more.   This makes the need for FLASH REPROGRAMMING to diagnose and repair automobiles more critical every day.    You can use the EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+  to easily pass thru calibration files from an OEM's website to the on-board vehicle controller on 1996+ vehicles to correct these issues.

EASE Scan Tool Launcher

Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure when it comes to reprogramming a vehicle controller?

OBD Scan Tool Grid

Let the EASE Reprogramming Assistant Software guide you thru the process.   This EASE exclusive software is included with every EASE J2534 Reflash package at no additional cost .   It guides you step-by-step thru the reprogramming process.  Our Assistant helps to eliminate the guesswork and costly mistakes, ensuring a successful reprogramming event.   It also includes the scan tool functions you need for reprogramming such as reading the VIN, DTCs, I/M status, MIL status and calibration.   (This time-saving, easy to use software retails for over $300 when purchased as an add-on for other J2534 devices).

This package includes an EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+, OBD II cable, USB cable, J2534 Reprogramming Assistant Software CD and one year of technical support.

This package requires an OEM vehicle data subscription(s) and a Windows desktop, laptop or tablet PC which meets OEM reprogramming requirements.  Before ordering make sure to check  that the vehicle OEM offers a reprogramming subscription that fits your needs and to read the PC requirements.


The EASE J2534 Universal Reprogrammer II+ package is loaded with features and expands your reprogramming and diagnostic capabilities.  You will NOT find a more complete and versatile vehicle reprogramming system at a better price!  

EASE Scantool Screens
  • Reprogram all J2534 compliant vehicles - virtually all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European vehicles - with the same interface.
  • Exclusive Reprogramming Assistant Software that guides you EASILY through the reprogramming process, including Relearn Procedures, eliminating the guesswork and costly mistakes, ensuring a successful reprogramming event.  +more info
  • Includes the scan tool functions you need for reprogramming such as reading the VIN, DTCs, I/M status, MIL status and calibration.
  • Convenient links to the vehicle OEM websites so you can quickly get reprogramming subscriptions and info.
  • On line help with OEM specific reprogramming information and videos.
EASE Scantool Screens
  • Optional Add-on - Get high-speed access to enhanced OBD II vehicle data so you can easily and quickly perform diagnostics with the optional EASE PC Scan Tool Software upgrade.
  • Optional Add-on - Reprogram GM, Ford & Chrysler powertrain controllers out of the vehicle with the optional off-board capability.

Easy Setup for On-Board Reprogramming

With the EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+ System you can reprogram J2534 compliant vehicle controllers in the vehicle using the following process.

1)  Connect the OBD II interface cable to the vehicle’s OBD II DLC port and the Universal Reprogrammer II+.

2)  Connect the Universal Reprogrammer II+ to the PC with included USB cable.

3)  Select the vehicle’s manufacturer in the EASE Reprogramming Assistant software launcher.

You are now set up to reprogram the vehicle controller using the EASE Reprogramming Assistant and/or the vehicle manufacturer’s website. (A data subscription to the vehicle’s manufacturer’s website is required).

Vehicle Manufacturers That Support SAE J2534

Reprogram Virtually Everything!  Reprogram all J2534 compliant vehicles - virtually all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European vehicles - with the same interface.  Click here to see a J2534 Programming Capabilities & Cost per OEM Chart we made.

 The EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+ works with J2534-compliant vehicles from the following vehicle manufacturers. 1  

Be sure to check of the vehicle manufacturers websites or nastf.org for more information on what vehicles and controllers are supported for J2534 reprogramming.   Click here for a list of NASTF OEM reprogramming website links where you can find out more info on the OEM(s) you are interested in.

EASE Scantool Screens
  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW 2
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Daewoo
  • Dodge
  • Eagle
  • Ford
  • GEO
  • GM
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Hummer
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Isuzu
  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Maserati
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mercury
  • Mini
  • Mitsubishi 3
  • Nissan
  • Oldsmobile
  • Plymouth
  • Pontiac
  • Porsche
  • Saab
  • Saturn
  • Scion
  • Subaru 4
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

Click here to see a J2534 Programming Capabilities & Cost per OEM chart we made.

Please Read:

1)  The Universal Reprogrammer II+ supports listed vehicles. Manufacturer reprogramming data subscription(s) are required. These subscriptions can only be purchased from the OEM's website.  Some manufacturers may require additional cables for reprogramming certain models/controllers. Be sure to check of the vehicle manufacturers websites or  nastf.org for more information.  Some vehicles/manufacturers have known reprogramming issues. We have compiled a list that we keep updated.  Click here to view it.

2) BMW Note: Some vehicles require a connector or adapter that must be purchased additionally. Refer to their  website for more info.

3) 11/2011 Note: Mitsubishi's software is currently having issues communicating with and flashing vehicles. We recommend avoiding using their software until this issue is resolved.  Also Mitsubishi requires a special cable that must be purchased additional for some vehicles. Refer to their  website for model specific info.

4) Subaru Note: Some models require a specific adapter for reprogramming. Refer to their  website for model specific info.

Vehicle Protocols Supported

The Universal Reprogrammer II+ unit supports the following vehicle communication protocols.

EASE J2534
  • CAN Bus (capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, J1939, and ISO14229)
  • 2nd CAN (Dual or Single Wire)
  • Ford SCP (J1850PWM)
  • GM Class2 (J1850VPW)
  • KWP2000 (ISO9141/14230)
  • Chrysler SCI (J2610)
  • Compliant to SAE J2534 (Feb 2002) and SAE J2534-1 (Dec 2004)
  • Compliant to ISO 22900-1 MVCI physical layer
  • Programming voltage on J1962 pin 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 or Aux
  • Ground pin 9


What's In The Box

EASE J2534 reflash package

When you receive your package. The following will be in the box.

  • Universal Reprogrammer II+ Unit
  • 6 foot OBD II Cable
  • 6 foot USB Cable
  • EASE Reprogramming Assistant Software CD
  • One Year of Tech Support  *

X      OEM Data Subscriptions Not Included

* Our technical support team will help you with any problems you may have with the EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+ unit or the Reprogrammer Assistant Software.  An additional support fee will be charged if you require help obtaining OEM data subscriptions or with the actual programming process.   Contact us for more information on this service.

Software Requirements

OEM Reprogramming Software PC Requirements

Each OEM has different PC requirements for their reprogramming software.  Check with the OEM's website for details. 

Click here  to view Windows Operating System Support by Vehicle OEM. 

      Windows XP Users:  GM and other OEMS have started to discontinue support for Windows XP.  
      Windows 8 and 10 Users:  Most OEMS do NOT support Windows 8 or 10.  

Click here  to view links to OEM reprogramming websites. 

EASE Reprogramming Assistant Software PC Requirements

The EASE Reprogramming Assistant software is a  is a great helper but it is not required to perform J2534 programming.  You can just use the OEM's software if you prefer. 

To ensure maximum performance and proper operation of the EASE Reprogramming Assistant, a PC is needed with the following minimum requirements *:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32 bit or 64 bit) **
    Note: Most OEMS reflash software does not support Windows 8 or 10.
  • Minimum Processor: Intel Dual Core Processor
    Recommended Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz and above
  • Minimum RAM: 2 G
    Recommended RAM: 2 G and up
  • 20 GB Hard Drive Space for installation
  • CD-ROM/DVD Drive
  • USB communication port for Universal Reprogrammer II PC Connection
  • 1024 x 768 Graphics Card
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Email Account
  • A valid e-mail address To Receive your Software Access Code  

After you install the software on your PC, software access codes must be obtained from the EASE Access Code Web Site. These codes must be entered before the software can be used. You can get your access codes 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week at  www.obd2code.com

* Note: OEM Data Subscriptions are required for vehicle reprogramming.  These subscriptions must be purchased direct from the OEM.

** Note: EASE Reprogramming Assistant Software supports Windows 8 and 10 and 64 bit Windows OS but some OEM's reprogramming software only support Windows 7 and/or 32 bit Windows OS. Be sure to check the OEM's website for details. Click here  to view links to OEM reprogramming websites. 


Product Review
W. Mouradian

"wanted to say how happy I am with my new J2534 EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+"

"I just wanted to say how happy I am with my new J2534 EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+. The new EASE workbench software is also really easy to use in programming. It is nice when programming Chrysler and Ford to have the ability to check for TSB’s through the software at no cost. I would certainly recommend this J2534 interface to other technicians."
W. Mouradian

Product Review
Peter Cartwright

" I have been sending my flash programming jobs to another shop because I didn't have the equipment to do it."

"Over the past year I have been sending my flash programming jobs to another shop because I didn't have the equipment to do it. After I had three jobs in December like that it was pretty clear to me that the time had arrived for another upgrade to my scanning capabilities. I spent a couple of weeks looking at what is available and talking to mechanics who already do flash programming along with reading IATN comments about different scan tools. I am a one-man mobile auto repair and my budget is tight, so what Snap-on has to offer is too expensive for me. After all my studying I became very interested in the scanner/ reprogrammer package from EASE. I bought the domestic/asian scanner, reprogrammer and wireless card from EASE.  I called tech support to help me get it all set up and they were very easy to deal with.  I have not had any problems with scanning vehicles (every day it seems) and it is fast, intuitive, and covers more parameters than I have had access to in the past.  Today I crawled under a 2004 Silverado with my laptop and cycled the vent solenoid, and when it is wet and cold out I can sit in my warm truck to do the scanning. I have yet to flash program anything, but at least I am ready! "
Peter Cartwright
FleetPro, LLC

Technical Support

One year of Technical Support is also included with your EASE purchase. So if you ever need help, you can contact our support department by calling our support line or by sending them an email



This package is covered by our limited 1 Year Warranty

"EASE warrants the supplied products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase."


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